Needing to be needed

June 20, 2010

The process  of being needed begins with the intention to be needed…

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in order to be needed a person must  be well practiced in the ways to fulfill the expectations of those people that he or she wants to be needed by.   Personal development is a practiced art. Stay with in your ring, focus.

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Life paths  are  helpful in guiding your way through the short time you have on earth.  There are many paths to follow, most lead nowhere or over a cliff.  But, the Maui Path  combined many successful life paths into one solid golden road to success.  Success defined as … the ability to look back on your life, in your nineties, and feel that your life was well worth living for yourself and for any that wish to follow in your footsteps.

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exec_fem.JPGRaising  children in a home that is without structure makes overcoming “scattered thinking, tardiness and a scattered business and personal life” a major adult task for those once free-as-a-bird children.  So how can free-spirit parents make a structured home?  The easiest way is to use 6 alarm clocks for the children.  Parents can set alarms for bedtime, meal time, bath time and for early rising.  Once that has been accomplished for 21 days then add clocks for art, music and exercising.  At the end of 42 days add reading, writing and planning the next day/month/year.