This blog’s purpose is to help you find all the happiness that your lifepath has to offer. Happiness comes to you by you  learning to follow a combination of  successful personal paths. Your own personal Path will be made up of keystones that you gather from these paths.
Path Makers

The Ben Franklin Path is the Path to Public Service, Ethics, Fame and Inventions. He is called one of the greatest minds that has ever lived. What key stones can you gather from his path?

Jesus The Jesus Path is the Path to Every Lasting Life and Forgiveness. Follow His path to find your spiritual way. He is called the Way and the Light. Find his keystones. They are said to be fulfilling.

The Path of the great warrior The Miyamoto Musashi‘s path is the path to bring you to your personal best. Known as one of the world’s greatest warriors, follow his path and find your Super Self along the way. His keystones require you to work and practice daily.

Path Leader

The Path of Walt Morgan, follow his path and find the benefits of standardized simplicity, KISS, and life-engineering (No resistance to happiness). His keystones make your life easier to manage and more productive.

cody-proctor.jpg Start gathering keystones from these and other paths. RSS this blog. Find your Flight Path on!

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